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Free Anonymous Surfing, with Anonycat 1.0.1! For the highest level of anonymity (and faster surfing), select the option to convert graphics/multimedia to text. Otherwise, graphics on the sites you visit will not be proxied, unless you configure a graphics proxy in Advanced Settings. Supports http and http urls.

Convert Images & Multimedia to Text:

Advanced Settings: Content Filtering, Graphics Proxy, Proxy Chaining, Browser Masquerading.

Benefits of Anonymous Surfing:

How to Reach Anonycat (if Blocked):

  1. Google for 'Anonycat' and click on 'cached', so that you can read these instructions.
  2. Try using Anonycat via the address:
  3. If that doesn't work, look up the server's IP address at any given time [netcraft lookup], and plug that IP address into the following url (replace the x's):
  4. Read the FAQ (or Google's cache of it) for more options.

Free Web Proxy List

FAQ | Proxy Crusher | Download | Sourceforge

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